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Tooling Engineer
Location: Xiantao
Salary: Negotiable
Recruitment number: 2
Gender: no limit
Age: 45
Requirements: college degree (or equivalent) or above, more than 3 years mechanical manufacturing industry work experience, can skilled application of CATIA, AutoCAD and office software etc., have a strong sense of teamwork, good communication and coordination, work conscientiously, responsibility heart is strong.
Job description:
Design and optimization of manufacturing process for the product.
Responsible for the production of technical parameters design, adjust and modify, compile and process documents.
Technology and application of on-site guidance is responsible for directing the production line.
Responsible for the problems of the products in the manufacturing process of solving, feedback and prevention.
Processing and accreditation to participate in the production process and quality abnormal problems.
Responsible for the design and improvement of the production process of tooling inspection, to adapt and improve the production efficiency of the propulsion.
Responsible for the process discipline inspection.
Other work assigned by the superiors.

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Addr:Hubei province Xiantao Industrial Park Venture Road No. 1  Tel:0728-3268781    
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