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Addr: Hubei province Xiantao Industrial Park Venture Road No. 1
Tel: 0728-3268781
Fax: 0728-3268881
E-mail: ltl-hbtl@liufeng.com.cn
Website: http://www.cnhbtl.cn
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Hubei and Tianlun Machinery Co., Ltd. for Sino foreign joint ventures, from Taiwan six and Machinery Co., Ltd. capital holdings of the former Hubei Tianlun Machinery Co., Ltd. was established.
Hubei Tianlun Machinery Co. Ltd. is the domestic automobile engine flywheel assembly and flywheel gear ring of professional production enterprises. Main Dongfeng Cummins, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company, Revo, Hua wood, FAW, Beiqi, BYD, GAC, Iveco etc. the host plant facilities, with advanced product development capabilities, products processing methods, testing equipment and international leading quality assurance system, to achieve the company has a strong technical research and development capabilities, advanced manufacturing technology and perfect inspection means, mainly producing all kinds of automobile and engine parts, for domestic and foreign many well-known engine and automobile manufacturing enterprise to provide supporting loading. System development and supporting a variety of auto parts products. In 2010 the company achieved sales growth of 43% 108 million yuan, more than 2009 years.
Taiwan six and Machinery Co., Ltd. is the world well-known auto parts manufacturers, was founded in 1971, the market covers Taiwan, Japan and Europe and the United States, mainly in the production of cast iron and cast iron workpiece, aluminum alloy products, sheet metal stamping products, stamping dies and so on. 1992 went to investment in the mainland, has in Kunshan in the establishment of the Liu Feng machinery, Toyota Industries and Fuji and mechanical, successively established in Fuzhou and six, Guangzhou and Tong, Tianjin high mound six, Hainan and six, Shenyang VI, Hubei Xiantao Fuji and, now has 25 affiliated enterprises.
The establishment of the new company not only inherits the Hubei Tianlun market and brand advantages, also won the Taiwan six and fine management experience, strong technical support and good customer relationship network, will for the future development of the injected tremendous power!
Company plans in the next five years, focus on the hardware investment, technology research and development and internal management, steadily enhance the enterprise comprehensive strength and dedication for domestic and foreign automobile and engine enterprises provide more quality products and services, China automobile industry development contribution meager strength!
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Addr:Hubei province Xiantao Industrial Park Venture Road No. 1  Tel:0728-3268781    
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